how best to notate "più p" as gradual dynamic with continuation line style

I’d like to notate “più p” as a gradual dynamic, with a continuation line running until the next dynamic (as if it were ‘dim . . . .’). (Blame Beethoven - I’m just entering it, not composing. :wink: )

What’s the most elegant way of doing this? I’m only interested in visual appearance and flexibility/robustness of engraving, not playback.


That’s a tough one, as there’s no way to hide a “cresc” with a gradual dotted style (everything else you want is is easy to achieve).

I’d probably opt for a text item with dots, to be honest. Cumbersome, and definitely needs to be checked before exporting to make sure it lines up. But I can’t think of another way. Also, this seems to be the best way to modify its length as the formatting changes. Since it’s not “dynamic” (har har).

Isn’t “più p” an intermediary dynamic rather than a gradual dynamic?

Yes. Shall we co-sign a letter to Herr Beethoven to point out his mistake? :wink:

Which Beethoven work is it?

op. 130 string quartet, 3rd movement.