How best to proceed

I have, since Dorico was launched, been gradually familiarizing myself with how the program works, but not undertaken any serious work /projects using it. One of the main stumbling blocks was the inability to edit instrument names - now resolved. I am about to embark on a major project which I hope to complete over the next two years.
I know that at some point the developers are hoping to introduce a way for combining, for example, Flute 1 and Flute 2 onto one stave for the finished score, but leaving them separate for the individual instrumental parts. My current practice (on Sibelius) is to enter both onto one stave and then filter into separate parts.
I also know that the Dorico team will not, understandably, commit to when their combination method will be available - and I’m not trying to find that out. So, what advice would more experienced users suggest that I employ. Enter both parts on one stave and filter at the part preparation stage, or enter onto separate staves - and if the system isn’t ready when I need it combine them myself.

Many thanks,

Ian Schofield

I enter onto two staves then, when needed, paste them into voices on a third ‘Flutes 1,2’ stave.

Don’t let this stop you from starting the project in Dorico!

Ian, I do what Steve does as well.

My “everything” layout includes both the combined staves and the individual staves. I compose or arrange using the combined staves, and when I am ready to make part layouts, I use the filter for “bottom note or single note” and “top note or single note”, which I assigned to a key command. Select and copy to the individual staves. Works very well.

Very many thanks - that’s the way I shall go.