How best to run legacy Dolby Encoder

i know this has kicked around the forum, but i couldn’t find a specific short answer -

What is the best way to run this encoder in Nuendo 64 bit , with windows 64 bit ?

Is it J-bridge, or . . . . .

This is the original steinberg dolby add on - i think it was $1,000 usd about 6 years ago …

Thanks in advance


This is a sad story … You won’t have any luck in the 64bit domain, at all.
Keep reading the specific topics… and have a look:

Big K

Bum deal For us. Sony Vegas has Dolby in 64bit and not the mighty steinberg. Well good news is I still have a 32 bit pc workstation so can use that for surround stems …

I wonder, if SB stopped producing iPod gadgets and concentrated more on improving and developing studio gear it would come to their mind that having a DDE in their program would be of major benefits, even if not profit-making.
None of their explanations why they dropped DDE are any good. If I find a DAW software that gets me going in surround, again, other than keeping a XP 32bit PC around, I actually might jump to maybe Studio One of Presonus, where some former SB developers are working now, anyway. At least I could burn my master CDs in the same software, then.
We’ve been there before:
Surround Edition, Mastering Edition, DTS, DDE, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist, TC Surround Verb …
All those are useless sitting on my shelf, not having been replaced by a newer, bétter version…but simply discontinued. Count the wasted cash (plus the costs for replacement) and you see why I will not buy any side product of SB, anymore, not even any Wavelab upgrades …

Big K

I hear you, and likewise feel your pain as well.
I also have the DDE, the DTS, VG, VG-EE, Surround Edition, Mastering Edition, TC SurroundVerb etc.
Also add to this list Q-Metric, TL Audio EQ-1, Hypersonic, Voice Machine - lots of discontinued stuff and we were promised an upgraded surround bundle more years ago than I care to think about - this has simply never happened and IMHO the surround support in Nuendo has taken a drastic nose dive with the terrible multi-mono handling in VST3 which is so hopelessly inadequate I do not understand the point. Add to this the loss of all encoders except the close-to-useless Matrix En/Decoder and for a serious Post app, we are criminally short on decent surround tools. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

The DDE will work on a 64-bit OS, but only in the 32-bit domain, so you will have to install the 32-bit version in parallel to the 64-bit version, andthe DDE runs - we have 2 licenses for this, one of which is on W7 x64 and it does work in the 32-bit installation. Not that this is the point.

Comparing with Sony is unfair - they can afford to license this and give it away as a loss leader, because like Apple all they care about is punting hardware.

Also, I notice that we are not getting surround on the Neve Portico plugins on the grounds that the deal involved making an accurate copy of the original hardware in software.
This is sophistry, as the EQ is mono only in hardware and the compressor should have the option of linking multiple units together (also missing) and should exist as a dual unit only - no solo implementations. That is if we are accurately modelling the hardware.
Ditto the Yamaha plugins. The Studer & Ampex tape machines all had a 1/2" 4-track head option (how do they think the masters werwe done for Quad??) and again, we are told in the interests of accuracy there will be no surround - this means there should also be no stereo implementations of the stomp boxes, the comps or the EQ either.

Thanks for the input. I will try doing a 32 bit install on my 64 bit pc and see how it goes. What are the larger post shops doing then if using nuendo and surround?