How burn CD from new macbookpro on a second computer?

How do I burn a CD in Wavelab 9 from my new macbookpro (that hasn´t got a cd burner/player)?
I have connected it to a stationary imac (which has got a cd burner) and checked the sharing of CD on that. But then what do I do?
In wavelab I get the message no CDdrive available. Anybody that can help me out?

/ yours fransmo?

I believe the CD drive sharing for Mac only works for reading CDs to load into iTunes etc. I would be very surprised if you were able to burn a CD from the MacBook Pro to the iMac using the shared optical drive feature.

You likely need to either get a USB CD burner for the laptop, or use the iMac to run WaveLab and burn the CD.

Another option is to make a DDP image of the montage on your MacBook Pro, send it to the iMac over your wireless network, and then use something like HOFA DDP Player (very low cost) to burn a CD from the DDP image.

That would probably be more reliable anyway even if you were allowed to share an optical drive to burn a CD.

OK, Thanks for an informative answer. I guess I´ll either get an external CD burner or try making a DDP image.

I´m in the situation where I´ve finally got everything working except the last drop - the CD burning - after updating to WL 9 from having loads and loads of trouble with the earlier versions. It seems that Steinberg finally completed the circle with WL9 and made a really great software now. The masterRig is incredible for shaping your work, you hardly need external plugs at all now. Great!

No problem, you should maybe double check, but I really don’t think the optical drive sharing in OS X is meant to burn CDs, only to read.

I don’t burn many CDs, but I personally like to make a DDP first so I can double check that everything is OK before I burn the CD which is usually a CD-R master for small duplication orders. Plus, if it’s a DDP already, it should burn faster as there are no plugins running.

UPDATE: From Apple:

DVD or CD sharing isn’t designed for some kinds of optical media. Connect a compatible optical drive directly to your Mac if you need to use one of these discs:

Audio CDs
Blu-ray or DVD movies
Copy protected discs (such as some game discs)
Recordable CDs or DVDs that you want to burn or erase
Microsoft Windows installation discs