How can change is accent etc symbols top or bottom note? and how do numbers in same size?

How can change is accent etc symbols top or bottom of note? and how do numbers in same size what are these accent etc symbols? and go same palce where these are. is related some drum techniques. i mean something what you see this link:
and similar cases.

In Engrave mode, you can select the accent. Press f to flip it to the other side!
You can also use the properties panel for this (check for Articulations of force and Articulations of duration, you can set whether you want them on the notehead side or on the stem side) locally, or check the Engraving options to make global changes.
Regarding the rolls with multiple strokes on percussion notes tied to un-stroked notes, use Engrave mode>Properties panel>Single stroke tremolo property: one stroke.
Hope it helps!

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i can solved this stroke symbol thing allready (easy add/modify these but numbers what you seen top of this kind note (in example in my link) i dont know how solve. i can add text for notes using shift+x but goes totally wrong position and founding suitable text size is own story as well. this number sameway what you see my link is problem what i mean. i can drag text and accent symbols in engrave mode but putting them same postion using only eye and little steps where symbosl can go is bit hard. luckily i can drag both same time. and not look terrbile when accent bottom is same level what is number bottom (i tested with number 5 and Doricos default font). partly solved but making easier is thing.

If you want to move text below the staff you can also Flip it by pressing F. If you want to use text like this regularly, I wonder if you could create a new text style and fool around with the formatting until it is how you like it.

good idea but positioining is problem. but even this seems guite solvable becouse text snaps some positions and i get my eyes good and clear looking way.