How can close Cubase 8 ?


My cubase 8 freeze and I want to close.

How can close cubase 8 ?? Task manager it is behind cubase and cannot see.

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That is strange! When you hit Control/Alt/Delete the task manger should always pop out in front. :confused:

What happen when cubase is set to stay on front ? Task manager is behind.

Right click on the toolbar and click “Start Task Manager”.

best answer :laughing:

So is yours still frozen since March 7th? Hopefully it is melted by now. :laughing:

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anwer like “right click to…” CTRL+ALT+DELETE …Work at Microsoft? :laughing: My PC is plugged :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

With a hanner !

Sorry I couldn’t refuse…CTRL + ALT + DELETE doesn’t always work I have had this problem on 7.5 when it locks
a reboot works. In my case I suspect it is a buffer overrun someplace