How can copy the edits Ive made on one track to another track?

Lets say I have 2 tracks, snare top (A) and snare bottom (B). I use the hitpoint detection to select every snare hit on A, and then hit create event so that every snare hit is its one audio segment in the main view.

Is there a way I can copy all of the cuts to track B based on where the cuts are on track A?

Note: These 2 tracks have different audio in them, also putting them in a file and group editing them doesn’t work unless you manually make the changes and I’m using the sample editor to make the cuts at the hitpoints.

Don’t know how to do what you want.

If I had to do what you outlined I would have to do it manually.

If you set the snap to event then it’s easy to use the cut points used on the first track to cut the second track exactly the same.