How can do this unique case?

I have a vocal duet with a lengthy piano intro. I have hidden the vocal staves until the voices enter. I have the layout label option for full names on stave 1 and abbreviated after that. For the piano-only staves that works fine. I would like to see full labels on the vocal staves when they appear and then abbreviated on the vocal staves after that while the piano name remains abbreviated. Is this possible?

Yes – It’s a property of the system break (in engrave mode).
See Hiding/Showing staff labels at system/frame breaks.

Except – showing full vocal and abbreviated Piano labels on the same system. I can’t think of a workaround for that.

I wouldn’t bother repeating the abbreviated names. No one is going to be confused about what that grand staff instrument on page 3 might be.

They’re more necessary or larger scores, or anywhere where there might be confusion. For simple choir and keyboard scores, once you’ve established the scoring, they’re just a waste of valuable width!


It seems possible with some divisi trickery. Is this what you want?

Or even easier … change the full Piano name to be “Pno.”, set the Player name to “Piano” and set Layout Options to use the Player name for the first system only for that instrument:

Then when you add the system break and visibility change, you can just specify to show the full names, since the Piano is using the abbreviated name as a full name:

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Oh that’s a nice solution. Very creative. Thanks.

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