How can I access Listen & Bypass Panner with MIDI Remote?

“Listen” & “Bypass Panner” are not available in the mapping assistant. Is there another way to assign them to a midi controller? Interestingly “Bypass Panner” is available as a Quick Control. That is not very useful to me, since its assigned per channel.
Is this something that could be solved using scripts?

Hi, I recall that in my implementation for the Arturia Keylab MK2, I did have the “listen” functionality.
The way I did it was to create a function inside the script to first select the track we want and then to call the command Edit->Listen. Not sure if this is the right approach, since I never use the Listen function.
Concerning the “Bypass Panner” I don’t see such key Command, nor there is an option in the MR API as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately this only sends a toggle command. There is no feedback to transmit the state of the selected channel back to the controller device.
“Listen” seems like a very basic mixer function to me. Interesting, that it is not available in remote control.