How can I ACTIVATE Halion 4 with e-licenser?

I’ve just bought Halion 4 sampler via downloading on
But I’m struggling on faluire of activating for several hours, so I’m asking your help.

I have a USB-elicenser key stucked on my Mac Pro, of course.
So I started elicenser controller app and entered activation code which sent via email by Steinberg.

It seems to be correct number because the app shows the message and icon of Halion 4.x and Continue button.
I cliked contiue button.

and then?
There’s nothing to activate -_-;;

I’ve tried clicking Maintenance button of elicenser control center.
I’ve activated Halionsonic se(which was bundled on cubase 6).
and I 've clicked the message ‘REGISTER HALION NOW!’ on running Halion 4 as demo-mode on Cubase.

But They didn’t activate Halion 4.

How can I activate that?
Please help.

Not a mac user, but I’ll give it a shot.

Halion 4 should automatically see its license on the e-licenser.

However, from your post:

You activated Halion Sonic SE?

I just checked and there’s three ways to get halion 4 from Steinberg’s shop:

  1. Upgrade from Halion 3 - boxed product
  2. Upgrade from Halion Sonic - download (Keeps Halion Sonic content)
  3. Full Version - boxed product

Halion Sonic SE is one of Cubase 6’s built-in VST instruments, a lot less content than Halion Sonic.
There is no upgrade from Halion Sonic SE to Halion 4.

Sorry to say, but I think you purchased the wrong thing.

You’re right, Shinta215.
Now I see [Halion Sonic] is distinctly different product to [Halion Sonic SE].

As a result, It’s my fault that I didn’t check product line up of Steinberg in detail.
But, am I small minded to think I was tricked by Steinberg ?

Anyway, Thanks for your answer.
Enjoy music and good luck !

There is still good news:
There’s two ways you can proceed now:
If: You still want Halion 4

  1. If you have Cubase 6 or Cubase Artist 6, it came with a demo of Halion Sonic. To activate it costs $199. $199 + $99 is still cheaper than the retail box of Halion 4
  2. You could purchase the box set of Halion Sonic for $250. $250 + $99 = Retail box of Halion 4
    If: You don’t want Halion 4
  3. Get in touch with asknet’s customer service and plead your case.

Now, not to demean you, but, my opinion:

You weren’t tricked by Steinberg. In my opinion, it is clearly labeled.

Yesterday, I took Shinta215’s information and purchased Halion sonic via downloading.
Then I’m listening thousands of patches of Halion 4 now.

Problem solved.
Thank you Shinta215. I hope you have good luck.