How can I add an extra bar at the beginning without changing the bar numbers?

When I export audio, I want don’t want the audio to start exactly on the first beat of the first bar, I want a “pre-roll” of a bar or two of silence.
Trouble is, if I just add two bars to the beginning of the piece, the measure numbers will be out of sync now (the first measure will be labeled “2” etc.).

How can I add the silent measure/s without fouling the measure count?

Add bars and a change bar number on bar 3?

You can also choose the pre-roll measures and use the Change Bar Number option not to include them in the count.
I just discovered that this past week.

You can change the pre-roll duration on the Timing page in Play>Playback Options, albeit in units of seconds not bars. Would that still be of use, if you want extra silence rather than e.g. a click into the start of your piece?

Yes, this function seems to do the trick. Thank you Lillie :slight_smile: