How can I add non rit. to score

Hello, I have a symphonic score sheet and now I would like to add the tempo text “non rit.” which is not available in my tempo texts. I would like to show this text on top of the woodwinds section and on top of the strings section in my score as well as on each individual staff. Similar to what is possible with the available tempo settings. Is there a way to add individual tempo texts or what would be the best way to make this text available?

Welome to the forum, @RaPaSa. You can system-attached text for this: type Shift+Alt+X and then type “non rit.” into the text editor. You can adjust the appearance of the text in the editor.

Although Dorico will auto-resolve “non rit” from the tempo popover into a “rit.” gradual tempo change, you can also customize the text in any tempo mark after inputting them using their Text property.

For example, you could enter “non” into the tempo popover, press Return, then add “rit.” in the Text property field – that would behave like an immediate tempo mark. If you wanted it to behave like a gradual tempo change (and show a continuation line, for example), enter “rit.” into the popover, then add the “non” before it using the same property – it’ll just be categorized internally as a gradual tempo change.

‘senza rit.’ is more usual (and arguably better Italian).

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Thanks, that solved the problem

Thanks for hint. I have a first tempo of 136 which is followed by 68 (half tempo). So I just want to place a note for the players that they will not slow down which might be considerable but is not intended at this place.

Thanks, I will consider this.

Or you could just do a quarter = eighth (or similar metric equation).
That should imply that there is no slowing down.