How can I assign VST parameters to a CC message

Hello all,

I bought VST Live and am currently trying my first steps in implementing a PC based guitar synth rack. Unfortunately, the official documentation is not very informative and I can’t find a solution to my problem.

I have a VST guitar rack plugin and I want to control parameters like WahWah and Delay Mix with foot pedals. I have two foot pedals which send to CC#71 and CC#72.

I have mapped these to Quick Control 1 and Quick Control 2.

The plugin (NeuralDSP) offers several dozen parameters for control.
In VST Live, however, I only see 8 parameter controls under “PLUGIN-INS” → “CONTROLS”. The parameter for the wah pedal position is there, but the parameter for delay mix is missing.

How can I assign my two CC controllers to the plug-in parameters?
Unfortunately, I have not found anything.

The NeuralDSP plugin also offers an internal MIDI mapping. But even with these settings, the parameters are not changed.

Can anyone give me a hint on how I can realise this with VST Live?

I have just installed the new version 1.0.30. Even there I have not found a way to link VST Audio Effect Plugin parameters in STACK Inserts with external controllers?

I have therefore taken a closer look at the VST Instruments in LAYERS.

For example, I have integrated the Steinberg Halion Sonic SE3. Under “LAYER” I find the 8 Quick Control knobs, which I can link with external controllers.

However, the linking of the Quick Control knobs with the plug-in parameters themselves seems to be static. Exactly the first 8 plug-in parameters are displayed. Halion Sonic offers many more parameters.

For example, if I want to control the “Tone Color” control with an external controller, I need the parameter “S1 QC1 Filter.Cutoff”, which is on the 10th position of the X possible changeable parameters of Halion Sonic SE3.

How do I link this to the Quick Control knobs?

I have the same concern, I want to control guitar effects through Overloud TH-U plugin.
The plugin has a Midi section to learn and assign parameters which is not working.
I know how to do it in Cubase but I can´t make it work here.
I also see quick controls in Actions but how to assign them to plugins parameters?
I mean VL is meant for live playing and I can´t control plugins via midi commands??
If I´m wrong please upload tutorials for these basic things.

… good point! We’ll add it to the next update.


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Stacks are closed entities fed by an audio input (top right of the view). Stacks represent a self-contained submixer, and Stacks sends do not send to the “outside” at all, only to their own FX slots. The entire mix of a Stack is composed of the 3 faders Output, FX1, and FX2, which is the Stack channel that appears in the mixer (and also the large fader in the Stack view).

Unfortunately, that is not an answer to my question. I will try it in another way.

I would like to represent my needs and those of my band and maybe there is a way to do this with VST Live, but I haven’t found it yet.

Except for the drummer, each musician has a laptop with different software.
They all use a VST host program and we have a DAW to add samples or parts to our songs.
We’d like to consolidate everything onto one big computer (with VST Live) and an 18x18 multi-channel USB audio interface.

On our inEars we have the click track and monitor mix and all the MIDI instruments and effects for guitars, bass and vocals run on the computer.

With VST Live, we can switch sounds on song parts and even control the lighting and video animation at a live gig.

Despite all the automation, there are always situations where MIDI controllers need to be used to influence various parameters in real time.

For example, the keyboard player wants to have some filter sweeps (parameter change of VST parameters!) on a controller knob on the keyboard and the guitarist needs a wah-wah effect (VST parameter change!) controlled by a foot pedal.

My test with VST Live already works amazingly well, just with exactly this point:
“VST parameter changes”.
I have problems implementing this with VST Live.

It could be because the currently available VST Live user manual on the Steinberg support website is version VST Live_Pro_1.0.0_en-US_2022-05-1.
I have been using VST Live since 1.0.20 and cannot find many of its features in the manual.

Hence my question. How can I change VST parameters in VST MIDI instruments and VST audio effects “on the fly”?

Is this implemented and I just lack knowledge?

We are working on more flexible control of all sorts of parameters. For now, you should want to have a look at Devices/Actions. There, you can set MIDI controllers (use “Learn”) for Layer Quick Controls. As Micha pointed out, we will also add assignment for Quick Controls, so that should cover most of your needs, with more in the making.

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I had already found the assignment of the 8 Quick Controls to the MIDI controllers.

But I was not clear how to assign these 8 Quick Controls to the VST parameters. There are usually far more than 8 parameters there.

I found the answer to this question in Cubase at least.
The plugin window in Cubase has a QC icon on the top right and this opens the assignment function for the VST parameters.

I unfortunately did not know yet.

But in VST Live there is no icon at this point. Is this the missing function you are mention?

Yes, exactly, will be added soon.