How can I bind two midi events like shared copy?

Dear support.

How can I bind two midi events like what shared copy does? Of course after making two different events unlinkedly.
You know, when editing drum loop, sometimes I need to add repeated sounds to each different events. Binding them for a little instant and draw them like they were ‘shared copy’ would be a lot of convenience. Would you inform me how to do this things. :smiley:

Thank you very much!


To make a shared copy, use Alt + Shift + drag-and-drop.

If you want to turn it back, to the not-shared events, use Edit > Functions > Convert to Real Copy.

I mean ‘like a shared copy’, not ‘shared copy’.
I built two events independently, and want to bind them like a ‘shared copy’. What should I do about this?

So you want to have two completely different midi patterns…but want to add into both the same new data?

Don’t think this can be done in this way…why not make another track with those parts and you can always merge them after.

Drag MIDI clip A over MIDI clip B on the same MIDI track. Then hit the glue button. They’ll merge.

Hope this is what you mean.

Yeah, I’ve forgotten layer function, and that would be help. But I thought I somehow used that function once, though I didn’t know what function I chosed, just while checking lots of buttons. Anyway problem solved, thanks!