How can I change from D#m to Ebm.

In other music notation programs you can change the key signature and then all chord symbols and all notes are changed to the new key. Not so in Dorico!!
I won’t succeed to change from D#m to Ebm. When I change the key signature, all notes get a sharp and the chord symbols remain as they were beforen, it is in D#m.
I can only marvel at what the program cannot do!!

Don’t marvel at what you think the program cannot do if, in fact, it can do it quite easily. :wink:

Select the range of notes to change. Write menu—Transpose, and use the calculator accordingly. Augmented unison, I believe.

By design, changing the key signature does not alter the absolute pitches of the notes.

A diminished second, actually – a unison of any kind would keep the note name as a D, whereas you need to transpose it by a second so that the D becomes an E.

Ah, quite right. Thankfully the calculator sorts through these particulars!

Thank you.