How can I change octave in Playback?

I am still on Dorico 4.3.31.
For my timpani in E-Flat I use Horn in E-Flat (no key signature) and add the bass clef to the front. Everything looks and works how I like it. The timpani are notated in C and sound in E-Flat; thats, how I want it.
Now to get the playback play a timpani sound (instead of Horn) I went to playback and choose (HALion Sonic7) Timpani Combi Key. So far so good, I get timpani playback - but the lower notes are missing, everything below a does not play (and I need the g). I suspect, the timps are playing an octave too low. Is there a possibility to „shift“ the sound up an octave? If I open the HALion Sonic and edit the octave, it has no effect.
Any help welcome.

Yes, this is easy to do if you find it necessary. Choose Library > Expression Maps, select the HSO Timpani expression map in the list, and select each of the switches in turn in the Base and Add-on Switches section, then set Transpose to 12 for each of them.

Thank you Daniel,
this is my first visit to the expression maps, so I might be overlooking something. I set the switches to transpose by 12 semitones, clicked OK - but still in playback only the “c” is playing back, not the “g”… If I change the sound back to Horn, I get all notes.

I suppose you should check that you really are using the HSO Timpani expression map for your timpani instrument in the Endpoint Setup dialog in Play mode.

Success, thank you Daniel, timpani are sounding perfect and in the right octave now!
Again, I had never visited the Endpoint Setup (clicked the cogwheel) until now.
Things start making sense…