How can i combine 2 midi clips in to one? ( wrong forum could this be moved to 9 ? please )

Hi there,

How can i combine 2 midi clips in to one?

Like it used to work in all previous versions of Cubase where you can simply drag a midi clip from one track to another and then glue

That still works. You can also select MIDI -> Bounce MIDI.

Thank you but you are talking about something different

i have midi on 2 channels ( they share the same space in time ) and i want to combine them in to 1

like you could do in earlier cubase

What are MIDI Clips? No such Thing in Cubase. If you mean MIDI parts as Romantique TP says, works the same as always (Cubase Pro 8 and Pro 9.5)

What are “previous versions”? What is the Version you are using?

You want to Combine different MIDI channels into 1 or you want to glue parts? What exactly is it you are asking?

from the manual

Merging MIDI Events into a New Part
You can merge all MIDI events, apply MIDI modifiers and effects and generate a new part.
Do one of the following:
Mute the tracks or parts that you do not want to include in the merge.
Solo the track that contains the events that you want to include in the merge.
Set up the left and right locators to encompass the area that you want to merge.
Only events starting within this area will be included.
Optional: Select a track for the new part.
If you do not select a track, a new MIDI track is created. If several MIDI tracks are selected,the new part is inserted on the first selected track.
Select MIDI > Merge MIDI in Loop....
In the MIDI Merge Options dialog, activate the desired options.
Click OK.

from the manual

Bouncing MIDI Parts
You can combine MIDI parts on different lanes to one MIDI part. This is useful, if you want toreassemble a drum part that you dissolved to lanes.
Select the MIDI parts on the different lanes that you want to combine.
Select MIDI > Bounce MIDI.
The selected MIDI parts are combined to one part. Any muted parts are removed. Transpose andvelocity values that are set for the parts are taken into account.

In earlier versions of cubase << 5, 6.5 >> before 9 you could

play chords on track 1
and the bass on track 2

You could just drag the bass over the chords and glue them > this would create a new midi part with both the bass and the chords

Thank you but the lanes do not work

I usually merge during record so haven’t tried with lanes for quite some time. Lanes got a major overhaul when they updated the take & track version systems. I think it’s still possible, but I don’t remember the specifics. If I get a shot, I’ll see if i can figure it out in a few.

You need to change your recording mode to Mixed-stack. Then slice and use the comp finger to mute things you don’t want to hear. Other than that, lanes use the same Merge process now.

thanks guys but i posted this to the wrong forum, waiting for mods to move it to 9 ( edited topic )

doesnt matter. Works the same.

This is an issue with the lanes not working like they used to in cubase 9

May have been broken in 8 too

( dragging a midi part from another channel erases the lanes )

This still happens for me with 9, can’t see that anything has changed here.

Are you sure?

Could you test this?

1.create 2 instrument tracks
2.create different midi parts for both
3.drag one of the parts over another
5.check if both midi is contained

Also are you on win or osx?

The repro works here, as others have also said. If you read the others signatures, you will see what OS they are running.

Also tried Bounce Midi with two lanes populated, that worked too.

Can you check to see if you have “Delete Overlaps” turned on?

If that’s not it, one might suggest troubleshooting with the usual steps– Cubase safe start, initialize prefs, etc.

I suspected that Delete Overlaps was turned on on your system, then after I posted I noticed that you said,

That is what happens when “Delete Overlaps” is active. So, turn it off, and it will work the way you want it to, which is also the way it has worked in previous versions.

Thank you very much

Just to be sure- that fixed it for you?

Thank you for checking in, yes ( it felt like you were correct and to confirm ) now that i checked it, yay! it works