How can I compose to a video length?

Hi guys!

New to Dorico, I love it, but 15 years on Sibelius has its learning curves.

I am trying to do an string arrangement to an audio file of the jazz standard “Alone Together”. It is 125 bpm and I have attached a movie file in order to write to the music.

The video starts at bar 1 and goes for 32 bars.

I can’t seem to create 32 empty bars in order to play the length of the video file and although I put 125 bpm in the score, I cannot get the click to set to 125 in order to sync to the music tempo in the video.

Any of you guys have a solution for this?


First, define the time signature using shift-M 4/4 Enter. Dorico doesn’t assume a TS by default. When the TS is set, you can add bars with shift-B number-of-bars Enter.
(Edit: angled brackets made text disappear; edit 2: corrected shift-M)

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Thank you! That worked great

(It’s Shift-M for the time signatures popover :slight_smile: )

Oops! Corrected

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