How can I copy a volume curve

Is it possible if I have a lead vocal and a doubled vocal If I use the drawing tool on the lead vocal to create a volume curve can I copy the volume curve to my doubled vocal if its possible please let me know how I dont want to draw a volume curve for each piece of audio if they are doing the samething if I can copy to get my point across

Select your automation carefully (don’t miss a point), then put your locator at the first point of this automation. Select the new automation track, hit Ctrl + V.

Unless your talking about a volume curve on the clip itself then I don’t think it’s possible to copy.

See I know how to do it that way im talking about on the actual audio wav using the drawing tool to create a volume curve the faders dont move when you do it this way

ok thats what I wanted to know was it possible thanks bros!!! I guess I will do it the other way

I think you could edit the volume curve on the clip and place it in a part which you can then share between the two tracks. I’m sure that’s what I do sometimes to double or duplicate things with complex edits/comps/volumes/offlineProcessing (e.g. dup choruses etc.).


If thats possible how do I do it if you can explain Sir

Certainly, here’s a method that I just tested:

  1. Select the audio event that you want to ‘share’

  2. Right click and select audio->eventToPart. You now have an audio part which contains the audio event

  3. Duplicate the audio part using Shift-Alt-Left-Click-Drag-Drop. Do this as many times as you want

  4. You now have a ‘shared’ or ‘ghosted’ part, i.e. if you edit one version the other will change too. Note that the part name is now in italics to indicate that it’s shared.

  5. So, to edit, open the part by double clicking the part and edit the clip level handles on the event inside. The other shared part(s) will update at the same time and you can even see it happening in the project window!!


Ok buddy im about to try it right now thankyou for helping me

I was assuming (always a bad thing to do) that the OPs doubled vocal wasn’t a cloned track but was actually a “proper” double?

Its not cloned I actually record the the lead twice to give the vocals that punch i just turn the doubled vocal down always

So Gargoyles suggestion wont work?

You Right!!! splits it wont not that way

What is the problem with using the track automation? You are basically describing the usage it was built for. The individual clips have their own value. The track is to make it relate to another track. If it isn’t a clone, then use the fader automation. Again, that’s exactly what they are for.

Yea the problem in using the fader automation after i already set my volumes that sound great in the mix doing the other way dont affect the fader

Aha, yes, that won’t work on two different audio clips…

So I have a couple of extra suggestions…

One is to add in another plugin which just has a volume control and then automate that. Then you can easily copy the plugin and the automation to the doubled track or section… And you don’t have to touch the main channel faders.

The other one is to group the two doubled vocals and make volume changes by cutting up the clips, cross-fading sections and adjusting the clip volumes on the info line. I quite often do this sort of thing as a quick alternative to riding the volume. So, for instance, I have a loud pop and I cut either side of it, expand the pop section to overlap, press X (crossfades at both ends) and then reduce the volume of the pop clip. This gives me a volume ramp in and out.


To be honest I have no idea what you are saying. Set the faders, then gang them.

Wow, this was a good post. Thanks to all of you, first for the question, and then the responses. I learned something.

Yes this is possible if you select you curves and use command c to copy and then use the range selection tool and select the other track and use command v to paste it should paste to the new track if you select the starting point for the paste.

  • Tested with Cubase 10.0.60