How can I create comments that need not to be expanded?

I know I can comment by pressing Alt+C, but it sucks. I needed comments to be expanded, so as to have 2 or 3 lines of text immediately visible in some parts of the staff. The way the comment stays when I press Alt+C, where it shows my initials and one has to click them to see what’s written, makes it completely useless for me.

As to why I’m trying to do this it’s simple, I’m taking notes on a very complex piece I’m studying and I don’t want to have to click every single comment for me to see them.

I think the idea is that you refer to the comments section in the right panel rather than double-clicking to open up the comment editor.

If you’re already doing that and it doesn’t suit your purposes, I guess you’d have to resort to Shift-X text. Shift-X text can at least now be hidden (from the properties panel), but in general it’s designed to be printed so it’ll affect staff spacing etc. (unless you turn off Avoids Collisions).

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Ok, I’ll take a look into your suggestion and will shortly get back to you, thanks.

Perfect, that’s what I was needing, it’s even better if it can be printed, as I can see here, it blends with the staff, it’s amazing. Perfect.

Thank you very much.