How can I create this in Dorico?

I engraved this in Sibelius years ago, but can’t find a way to get the 8th notes notated as triplets in this 4/4 time signature bar in Dorico. Any suggestions?
Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 12.25.10.png

Hit enter to invoke the caret, and get it to the start of the bar.
Type 5 for eighth (quaver)
Type ; for the tuplet popover
Type 9:8 into the popover (for 9 notes in the space of 8)
Then type your notes.

Assuming the following bar doesn’t contain such a tuplet you’ll need to hit shift-; to turn off tuplet entry once you’ve finished that bar.

Thanks! I didn’t know there was a tuplet pop-over, this will make the rest of this piece soooo much easier to engrave :slight_smile: