How can I delete a kit in Groove Agent SE 4

I saved the same kit twice in GA SE4 by mistake and now I’m trying to delete the duplicate. How in God’s name do you delete a kit in GA SE4???

Go to C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent SE\Program and delete the .vstpreset

The full version of Groove Agent 4 has a proper built-in preset browser, where you can more easily find user presets and delete them by just right clicking.

But surely there is a way to delete kits in the SE version? :open_mouth:

I just told you how.

Sorry, somehow I didn’t see that!

You can do it through mediabay

How exactly? I tried that firstly but I couldn’t see how.

He means the full MediaBay that shows up if you press F5. The basic Groove Agent SE preset browser doesn’t allow you to do that.