How can I delete (or hide) the rests in attached example?

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How can I delete (or hide) the rests in attached example? I do not succeed.
(And I don’t understand why in the left hand no rests appear.)

Select the f, and in the properties, enable “ends voice”. Select the following b, and in the properties, enable “starts voice”. This should get rid of the first rest. Repeat operation with the others f and b. If it does not work, it is because these are “explicit” rests. In that case, select each rest and delete it. You will not notice any difference, but then, using the start/end voice method, it will work. So maybe start with deleting them, you’ll be sure it works the first time !

Here’s another possibility - the rests may be visible because you have View > Note Colors selected. I entered your passage as two separate 9-tuplets, one for right hand, the other for left hand; then I put them in the appropriate staff using N (staff above) or M (staff below). Then, I hid the rests in Engrave mode turning the Color opacity of the rests to 0%.

I’ve included two screenshots - I hope this helps.

Marc and Stephen, thank you very much for your help! Both didn’t work initially. But I deleted the bar and inserted the notes again. Then was both no problem. Perhaps is the reason that this project is based on a MusicXML. By musicXML sometimes note input and and other things don’t work as expected. But after deleting the notes and inserting them again, often it works well.

Importing XML sometimes imports “hard rests” which do not behave like Dorico “rests.” These hard rests need to be manually deleted before the Start Voice/End Voice commands will work as expected.