How can I delete / remove voices?

I have problems with removing / deleting voices that are no longer needed because they generate unnecessary plug-in instances, have the wrong color and hinder “divisi” and prevent the other voices from being moved correctly, etc.

My work around is to copy the player and his notes and then delete the original - then the voices are correct again. Here I am missing a corresponding menu item.

Greetings to all!

If a voice is empty for an entire flow, it will automatically be removed when the project is saved, closed, and reopened.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately it is not the case for me. Although I can’t find any content - so it seems empty - but unfortunately it never goes away.

If they are truly “empty” parts (I suspect in reality there is a hidden explicit rest or some other such thing) then select everything in the stave for the whole flow and then right click and make everything merge into upstem voice 1. See the screenshot below- it’s the same principle but in reverse from this linked comment.

Thanks for your reply. I will try this next time. It happend, when I changed two polyphone voices in one divisi-system.

Thanks for your help!
The explicitly emptied voices have disappeared after restarting the program - the list of voices has been cleaned up.
You have to know … (thanks to VEP no problem either)


I recently had an issue with is, wondering why unwanted voices (which has occurred through a MusicXML import) simply wouldn’t disappear even though I had changed everything to upstem voice 1. The fact that the voice is not removed until you save and restart the project caused some frustration until I became aware of this and would really like the option to be able to automatically be able to merge everything into a single voice and at the same time remove additional voices.
Is there a technical reason why this surely desirable feature might be difficult to implement?

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We could of course add a command to remove all unused voices, but it’s not a high priority.

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in that case, I’ll leave it in your capable hands of balancing out the priorities.

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In case anyone runs into this issue and above solution isnt helping
-Merge into upstem voice 1 for each staff as mentioned above
-Disable independent voice playback on all instruments with above issue
-Save , close and reopen project. Reenable independent voice playback. Now it expands with correct number of midi channels (one per staff per voice).
@dspreadbury fyi