How can I do a clean reinstallation of Cubase 6.5?

Recently, I started getting all kinds of weird behaviors in Cubase 6.5. I did some system and HD checks but didn’t find anything suspicious. I think it’s time to reinstall Cubase.

But here’s the problem: I bought Cubase 6.5 as an upgrade to Cubase 6, which I bought as an upgrade from Cubase 5. I am not sure if the installation files I downloaded for Cubase 6.5 are a full version of the software that I can install without an existing installation of Cubase 6 on my computer. In other words: Will I have to install Cubase 5 again, then upgrade to 6 and then to 6.5?? This would be quite a hassle.

I just want to be sure about this before I go ahead and uninstall Cubase from my computer.

You have to install everything,step by step.

Just to mention,in windows 7 there is option to restore whole OS to the time of last installation,in case that problems occured recently.

That restoring windows 7 64 is safe only if you have all licenses on hard one(s).

No you don’t have to install everything step by step. I know this because I initially started out doing exactly that (in my case starting all the way back with a full re-install of Cubase v4), but ran into problems with the Synchrosoft application that came with v4: as it turns out, it is incompatible with the current license formats. I contacted Steinberg Support, and was instructed to instead start with a re-install of Cubase v6, skipping the earlier versions completely. Even though you might have bought v6 as an upgrade, it is actually the full install package. If you install v6 and then enter the activation code that came with it, you should have a fully functional v6 version that you can then upgrade to v6.5 using the normal procedure. Hope this helps. It worked flawlessly in my case.

Hi there,

Cubase 6.5 is an update for Cubase 6, and Cubase 6 is a full installer. This means that Cubase 6 has to be installed in order to install the 6.5 update. Since Cubase 6 is a full installer, even if the version you bought was an update/upgrade, you don’t need to install previous versions of Cubase beforehand.


Ok, cool. I’ll start by reinstalling Cubase 6 then. Thanks.