How can I do this in Cubase with Fab Filter 3? Keymapping to remove fundamental frequency?

Thank you for any thoughts you have.

The key here is to use the MIDI Input Transformer

Type = Note

Value 2 = Use Value 1
Type = Set to Fixed Value = Controller
Value 1 = Set to Fixed Value = CC 28 (or whatever Controller you want)

But there is something not quite working right, maybe someone can chime in. I have it running perfectly but ProQ3 doesn’t seem to obey the numbers correctly.

You need to play the entire key range while learning in ProQ3, and I found that you have to move the control manually in order for FF to learn it correctly.

I suspect there is math involved on Value 2 in order to get it to match up perfectly but I am out of time for today.

Thank you! But under Value 1 Parameter 1, I can’t select a CC. I only have the option to select A1-G8.