How can I download a Dorico Pro 2 free trial?

I tried to download a Dorico Pro free trial from the Steinberg website, but no Dorico products currently feature under the free trial section of the website.

I’m assuming this is because the Dorico 3 software will be released in a few weeks (along with the free trial software, from what I’ve gathered from a recent thread on this forum).

In the mean time, is there any where I can download a Dorico free trial? I urgently need music notation software, and would like to compare different music notation software models before purchasing one.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, MatRae. If you download Steinberg Download Assistant, you can download Dorico Pro 2 from there, and I’ll send you a trial activation code by PM.

Thanks Daniel! I’ve downloaded the Steinberg Download Assistant now.

Dorico 3 has been released to purchase for some weeks, but I understand the trial version may not be ready yet.