How can I export a project in separate tracks?

I´m using Cubase 12 elements and want to export a project in separate tracks but I don’t know how to do it.
Please Help me


I’m sorry, this feature is not part of Cubase Elements. The only way is to Solo the track and export it one by one.

Thanks a lot. Can it be possible i Artist or Pro?

You can in Pro. Not sure about Artist. If you just want all the tracks to line up without plugins applied then you should be able to bounce to disk and copy from the audio folder the new tracks.

How do I bounce all the tracks without plugins? My Cubase Elements is in Spanish so, I can´t find bounce


I’m not sure if Render in Place is part of Cubase Elements. This would be a workaround.

Bounce selection is something a bit different and I would guess it’s Cubase Pro only.

Here is the Cubase comparison chart.

Thanks a lot