How can I export midi to then use in 3rd party DAWs?

Hi, I want to be able to share tracks I’ve been working on in Cubasis with other musicians who don’t use Cubase (e.g. Logic, Reason). How do I go about doing this? I’m not overly concerned about audio, it’s the midi aspect I need to get working well.

Thanks in advance.

Under Mixdown, you can export your project as MIDI, this should do what you want.

Thanks bry, I’ll give that a go.

Using mixdown to midi appears to mix all midi track together. This may not be desirable. You may need to mutte all but one at a time to get separate tracks. The “separate tracks” option appears to be disabled for midi.

Thanks surfer. Any more on this, Steinberg?



Cubasis exports MIDI files in format 1 (seperated MIDI tracks, seperated MIDI channels) as a default.
As a result the “separate tracks” option is greyed out since not required.

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Great, that sounds like it will do the job. Thanks for getting back.