How can I filter tracks based on part names?

I tried to filter my tracks with the logical editor but the only thing that seems to work is to filter tracks based on track names.

I would like to create a filter though that shows only tracks with events that have a specific name.

Something like:

Containter type: name
Equal: contains not
Parameter 1: Part (with specific name)

Action: hide track


There’s more than one way to skin this cat.

This assumes you have “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” turned off.

Two keystroke solution: You would make a PLE preset to select the parts- call it FindParts, assign a keystroke to it.

Then a macro
Editing “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” (activates it)
Channel and Track Visibility - Hide Selected Tracks
Editing “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” (deactivates it)

I did not actually try it, but it should work. Let me know if it doesn’t…

Thanks for your reply Steve!

I can’t get it to work yet. Would you be so kind to take a look at the screendump I made?

I made the PLE preset. Don’t know how to assign a keystroke here. I also made the macro. Do I have to attach it to the macro?

As you can see in the picture: in this case I want to make only parts visible with the word ‘Whisper’

A text search function for parts in the timeline would be handy :wink:

I appreciate your help!

The macros and PLE presets are listed in the Key Command dialog macro section. I’m suggesting you assign a keystroke to each, and hit one after the other.

You can try placing the PLE preset at the fist line of macro too…

Thanks. Main problem is that I don’t get the filter to work. Can you filter parts by its name?

If you read my previous post- I deleted it and replaced it with this:


Yes, I can filter the parts, It does work to select the parts, but unfortunately, when the Project Logical Editor selects the events, the tracks do not get selected, even when Track Selection Follows Event Selection is activated.

This appears to be a bug in my opinion; I will report it.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

BTW you trying to find audio events, so be sure to put event in the filter, not part.

Thanks for your help, much aprreciated!

If only there was a text search in the timeline…

Here’s a workaround-

After applying the PLE filter, invoke Edit>Select>Invert twice. Then, the tracks will be selected.

_edit:_This workaround can be made a bit less onerous. Create a macro for Edit>Select>Invert

And have the PLE preset run it after executing the filter.

But be careful, this might have weird consequences in a very busy project, or if you are using a split track list. (just saying so out of an abundance of caution.)

Thanks again. It is a little to laborous to me but whilst testing I found another way to find partnames by setting parts to a specific colour. Works great!

Thanks for helping me finding the solution Steve!

Are you saying you found a way to get the tracks selected? (It sounded like you were looking for “Parts” in the PLE, but what you needed was “Events”)

No, I did not. Changing from parts to events did it!