how can i find a resist?

Hi I’m Yoon from Korea

a few months ago i bought a Cubase pro 7.5 in second hand

but i don’t used that to now

and i realized i can update it to pro 8.5 in steinburg

but i cant contact original owner and i cant find resist…

can i find a resist for update cubase pro 7.5…?

thank for your reply…

Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by “resist”, please?

I wonder about your free update a bit, to be honest. It the license hasn’t been activated yet, then you are allowed to upgrade to the current Cubase version, once you activate it, i.e. Cubase 9 at the moment. If the license has been activated already, there is no free upgrade available. In this case, it would be Cubase 8.5 license already.