How can i find out what from 12.0.30 got broken with updates


I skipped 12.0.40 for several reasons, including the MIDI timing display and Variaudio issues.

I’d update to 12.0.50 for those and other fixes, if I knew none of the things I now use and love in 12.0.30 got broken along the way, and remain unfixed.

@Louis_R 's buglist wiki and Steinberg’s Version History are great, but don’t exactly show what got broken in 12.0.30 that hasn’t been fixed.

Would anyone know anything about that?


C12 Pro 12.0.30, W10

Well, in order to know what has been broken you need to test it, that’s the only way. :upside_down_face:
Although it is very unlikely to happen, most of the bugs that are still present to this day were introduced many years ago when Cubase received major code overhaul.
The MIDI timing display issue was an exception and people didn’t take long to notice it due to its obvious nature. But this can also happen in other places, mainly when new features are added. Usually things are more likely to break during major updates (v11 ,12, 13) rather than maintenance updates.

Ok, Thanks @Louis_R .

I figured if I personally was aware of three things that got broken in 12.0.40 (the MIDI note displays, the Variaudio issues, and the Frequency 2 displays), then there were probably more I didn’t know about. I’m happy to read that all these three are fixed in the latest 0.50 update.

But I’m hesitant to update to 12.0.50 from 0.30 if there are indeed other things broken in 0.40 that weren’t fixed in the latest update - I’m not enthusiastic to have my reasonably comfortable workflow on 0.30 disturbed just to get 0.50.

I’ll just keep an eye on the fora, then. Thanks!