How can I fix my preview problem using the pitch shift

Ok guys I dont know what happened but when I try to preview when im using time stretch or the pitch shift tool nothing happens I cant hear anything like I usually could I dont know what happened have anybody else ever had this problem because I really need this function to work so I can preview my edits before I save it to the audio will any update fix it I saw that update 6.06 is available my last update was 6.04 I just downloaded it. Do I need to reinstall cubase 6 as a whole to see if that can fix the problem or whats you guys suggestions I really need help thxs.

yes, which you might have found out already, if you had tried the search function

I did try the search function for your information I didnt see anything concerning my problem can you help or not point me to the solution if you know what to type in the search bar smh!

yea i fixed that problem it was because control room was on but now I have 1 more questions when im using pitch shift why cant I preview the audio when I have the time correction un checked like if i wanted to create a dramatic tape stop effect why doesnt it let you preview that