How can i fix " the " Waves Crashing Cubase ?

Hi there,

How can i fix " the " Waves Crashing Cubase ?

I am asking bc googling on couple boards i see many people experiencing this with Cubase and Waves

And i just installed my Cubase on my secondary laptop, installed Waves too, and i get the same issue everyone else:

Audio keeps playing,
Blank Waves GUI,
Cubase Hangs

All production was lost

Because of the nature of the HangUp ( Audio Plays but No control on Cubase, Screens go Blank )
There are No Crash Reports… Because Cubase does not realize it has Crashed

How can i fix this?

latest cubase
brand new waves

It literally looks like this, just tested again… no movement on the screen like on the pic but u can hear the sound

What do waves say, their support is fast and very good in my experience.

Yea, this happens every once in an update while… Waves GUI/Waveshell needs to be updated…

no problems here with latest waves release - are your plugins updated?

I had white waves gui windows a long time ago, especially when opening some more instances, more than 32 or 33.
The solution was this, (a quote from some other forum, that seemed to come from waves):

"Try creating a text file here: “C:\ProgramData\Waves Audio” —called “no_context_sharing.txt” . You may have to manually create the folder if you have only activated waves via USB…"

This solved the problem on my old trusty laptop.
I also had to tell my old trusty laptop not to use the nvidia graphic card for Cubase, but the standard internal onboard graphic chip, this was not for waves plugins, but for cubase in general.

As you mention your Laptop, you might want try that as well.


thank you everyone

yes i thought it was the latest & best working version but i will need to check