How can i get data from primary time display ?

Hi all,
Thanks for adding me in this forum.
This question is more a programming question than a nuendo question. I am using Nuendo 4.3 in windows8. I am using it to translate a video. Why i am choosing nuendo because, I need to see the audio wave form to know the lenghth of each dialouge. And it’s easy to start and stop playback with space key. After all, cursor will rest on the start position. That’s a big advantage for me.
Now, my actual problem is ;
I need to write the time code into a word document when each scene changes in video. At first, i copied the time code manually and pasted it to word. Then i wrote a script (AutoIt scripting language) to do this job. This is the scenario;

  1. When i press the hot key, the script will start working.
  2. First, it will activate the nuendo window.
  3. Then, it will search for a particular position in screen to find the primary time display.
  4. If it find the time display with mouse x,y points, it will imitate a double click in primary time display.
  5. Then the program simulate a key press - ‘Ctrl + C’ - to copy the time code.
  6. Then, the copied data will transfer to clipboard and then to a variable.
  7. Then the program activate MS Word and paste the time code where the cursor rests.
  8. And the program ends itself.

In this scenario, i am finding the primary time display by mouse coordinates. This method needs to activate nuendo, so there is a little delay. And chances are there to not find the time display. In AutoIt scripting language, there is a function named ControlGetText(). It will give me the text in any control in a windows form. It takes three parameters.

  1. Window title - (I know it and it’s ok)
  2. Window text - (Not necessary)
  3. Control ID - This is the main thing i need to know.
    How do i know the control ID of the primary time display ? I have searched with spy++ and lot of similar tools. But i can’t get any thing from nuendo’s window. If somebody help me to find the control ID or control handle, i will be thankull.
    -Vinod Chandran.