How can i get kontakt 7 to work within Cubase (11)

Have problem to get kontaktl 7 to work within cubase.
It shows up in the VST tab but there is no library in it.
I have most of my librarys using kontakt 7 so what shall i do solve this.

Regards Hans Olsson

So just to confirm, you see all your libraries in K7 when you open K7 in Stand-Alone Mode?

The problem is you do not see these libraries when Cubase11 opens them in K7?

Hi Hans and welcome to the forums!

Is this a Cubase issue or a NI Kontakt issue?

Yes, i see all libraries when i open it (stand-alone mode) but those are not active when i try to access them in cubase. K7 seems to be not activated and when click the K7 there is nothing in there.

No i dont think so there is a NI Kontakt issue. To be honest i dont know what the issues is and why i cant access my libraries. K7 showes up in that list but seems like it’s not active etc…

I’m not sure what you mean by “not active”. Can you post a screenshot of it here?

Ok hang on…

Doesn’t look like you have an instance of Kontakt loaded.
Grab that keyboard looking icon thing that says “Kontakt 7” underneath and drag it below where it says “Input/Output Channels”.
Alternatively, right click in the empty space below where it says “Input/Output Channels” and select “Add Instrument Track”, find and select Kontakt 7 as the Instrument.

Yeees, now it shows up :slight_smile: Thank you so much