how can I get my old Nuendo back!!

Been working on 5.5 for a couple of weeks now, I do like it, but getting old projects to load on it is really difficult. There are so many plugins missing Q, Tonic, Karlette to name a very few. Loads of my old songs sound totally different and I have to mix them pretty much from the ground up again - I don’t have time for that.
Plus the automation in the new Nuendo, whilst being very flexible and adaptable doesn’t behave like the old system and frankly mixing is a pain. I’ve yet to find the ‘mode’ that it was in for the last incarnations of Nuendo.

So what I’m asking is - is there a way of buying another steinberg dongle so I can get my old Nuendo 3 on my old computer back up working?

I really don’t want to do that but I used the Tonic, and Q plugins so much, I’m finding it difficult to find the time to remix everything with the new (frankly shabby) filter plugin.

Strange how the step filter is still there though!

AFAIK, your “old” Nuendo 3 will run perfectly fine on your N5.5 license.
So, just install Nuendo3 netx to Nuendo 5 and enjoy both.

One word of warning though … at some point, many of your plugins will stop working no matter what.
For example, Direct-X has been dropped by Microsoft, so -for example- upgrading your OS will put many plugins out of use anyway.


That’s why I want to run it on my old PPC G5!

So can I get another Steinberg dongle?

…And what happened to ‘Tonic’ By The Way?

If you want to run N3, then you will have to plug your dongle into your old PPC.
Apparently you did an upgrade of your existing license, so you still have one license, just like before upgrading.
With the only difference that you can run N5 on that license.


Hey Fredo,
Should I still have ‘Tonic’ and ‘Q’ in my plugin list?

How do I get them back? I’ve updated the plugin list but it doesn’t come back up!

I used those plugins A LOT!

There should be a folder on your installation CD called “additional content”. Somewhere in there you should find those plugins.

You can also check the steinberg FTP.

Not on the install DVD,looked in every folder!

do you have an ftp address for steinberg?

I found it, it’s not there either

All I need is ‘Tonic’ and ‘Q’ !!!

they’re both part of n3 (and 4).

there is a fundamental issue here though. if you were running snow leopard (which includes rosetta) you could run these plugins but lion has dropped rosetta so even if you did install n3/4 these plugins wouldn’t work.

why not install snow leopard to another drive. boot up from that and use n3/4 to get all your old projects opened up. then just export the audio as required.

That’s what I’m going to do Max, I have a whole other computer to do that on, it’s just a shame Steinberg dropped 2 of my fave plugins, and kept some that I never use (Step Filter for one!)

Looks like I’m getting my old mate PPC G5 out of retirement!


wouldn’t running snow leopard on your mac pro be an easier workaround?

it was Apple who dropped rosetta, making these plugins non functional, not Steinberg.

You should be able to install Tonic from the OSX installer of N5.5, choose customize.