How can i get proper Groove ( standard in all DAWs ) to Cubase ?

Hey there,

i wish this was a joke, but i really can not find a way around this in Cubase

I am wanting to quantize a note pattern with 3rd notes ( 16th and 32th notes and 8th 3rd notes ) and all presets i try quantize the 16th notes and the 3rd notes, unlike in any other DAW there is i believe

This is one of the strengths in making hip-hop beats with DAWs like Ableton Live, and FL Studio, where you can just change the Groove for a track, and it will understand to jump over 3rd notes

i am wondering is there something i have overlooked

How can i get proper Groove ( standard in all DAWs ) to Cubase ?


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. What exactly do you mean by the 3rd note, please?

Of course, you can setup the Quantize Grid as you want to: 32th/16th/8th, 32/16/8/4/2…Triplets, 32/16/8…5-Tuplets, etc.

Hi, as Martin asked, what do you mean by “3rd notes?”

In Cubase (Pro 10), you can create groove feels (quantize presets) based on other drum loops or other parts and then use those quantize templates to set the feel for new tracks. It works pretty well.

Cubase does have powerful Quantize features. Work with the quantize panel some more. Try out the various functions. Save some presets. You can also adjust the playback speed of tracks, which can sometimes help things lock in better. It would be good if Cubase had some Groove Presets included.

Cubase doesn’t have stock “groove feels” as found in some instruments, like Stylus RMX or Air Music’s (cool but buggy) instrument called Transfuser or the AKAI MPC and the like.

Try importing a drum loop, then use the “Create Groove” function and see how that works out. Good luck.

Groove Quantize might be what you are looking for…

I believe he’s talking about the quantize notation of triplets in fruity loops(1/3 and 1/6).


If you mean to quantise to Triplets, then just set N-Tuplets to 3.