How can I get rid off the fallback instrument, after correcting the right sound

Hello, I am working at a choir-organ piece, 6 flows. I was assigning the organ stops from G-Player. And I think in the last flow was not yet assigned an organ stop. So when I started to play that flow Dorico provided the flow with the organ sound of Dorico itself, in channel 7, as a Fallback (I guess) … Very friendly indeed!! … Then I placed the correct organ sound which I wanted at the beginning of that part. It sounded such as I wanted, but in the endpoint setup of Halion sonic, where Dorico placed the name ‘Organ’ in the column ‘assigned instruments’ (channel 7), I still read ‘Organ’. And in the slots of the Halion plug-in I see always a midi signal in that channel 7 flashing. Of course I removed the sound of Dorico’s organ from that slot. So now I hear my wanted sound but I want a clean Endpoint setup now. And I want to get rid off the fallback name in the endpoint setup. So that midi flashing shall stop too.
I hope someone recognises my question and can help me.
I tried a lot to make that endpoint setup clean again but I don’t know how.
Thanks a lot in advance

Welcome to the forum, Joep. I’m not completely clear what you’re experiencing. How are you changing the sound if not via the Endpoint Setup dialog?