How can I get this thing to load faster and shut down faster

Cubase 8 Pro
it takes three to four minutes to load a empty practice project that I use for teaching.
It takes a couple of minutes to exit.
There is no audio or midi data in the project. No internet running, no other apps in background
Two VST inst loaded HS and GA
7.5 loads full blown projects with lots of data faster than this.

Any suggestions ?



I assume that this project was built before Cubase 8, using Cubase 7.5 for example. You can try to create a similar new version to see if helps.

Yes the project was created in 7.5
tonight it started even more weird behavior
Recording with pre click in the transport activated and the click on
Sometimes I get the count in sometimes I don’t same with the click comes in bout bar three or four.
This is on a project created 8 so I don’t get it.

So far this is a pretty useless software. I’m really surprised.



I find that if i haven’t turned on all my external instruments before opening C8 then the project hangs for at least 3 to 4 mins before loading but if the instruments are turned on first then it takes about 7 seconds to load .
Just something to think about :wink:

Did you have a Windows PC or a Mac? If you have Windows try to run all updates from Microsoft. Not updating regularly makes my system slow and unuseable. After the update all problems are gone.

Known issue all over the forum that the pre-click doesn’t work correctly. Should be fixed in March.
Workaround is to substitute internal click with a MIDI Instrument note like a woodblock or similar.

Moreover, this issue and numerous others were published with the release of C8 so that anyone properly doing their homework would be informed before deciding to download and install.
Apart from that, I agree it can be a somewhat lengthy bootup process, but I’ve come to expect that from profi software. Try booting Maya or AutoCAD (or even Pro-tools for that matter).