How can i get this?

Hello, I would like graphically to understand how to obtain the thing I have highlighted with such precision…

Dorico 1avolta

It’s in the video “D5 Feature round up” at minute 6’35".

thanks for your help!!

Select the 4 notes
Click on the Line icon in the righthand panel
Select the line you want
With the line selected, open the Properties panel
Click on the Text slider
Enter the text you want

If you want it to not play on the 2nd time through:
With the notes selected, open the Properties panel, enable Suppress playback > On Passes, then enable Suppress on passes and enter 2.


In Engrave mode, there are extra options in Properties for changing the position of the ends of the line, etc.

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Great!!! Thank you!!!

Isn’t that what a “1st time bar” is for?


If you’re not actually repeating that bar, then the repeat doesn’t really start there.

to me, it looks like a “solid line with inward-pointing hook”
and the first one has been turned around. (the way I would do it.)
Get the right position In Engrave-Mode

Ben, I am guessing it is the notes, rather than the measure itself, that only play the first time.

that’s what makes it interesting. first time the right hand, the second time Left hand.
of course.,you would need this twice.