How can I get transposing instruments be shown transposing and not sounding in a score?

I want to write in Dorico 4.2 a manuscript which is notated in transposing notation.
But all I can get is a sounding Score. Even if I change in the Layout option the Option for transposed or sounding Score, there literally doen’t happen anything even Clarinet in A, Horns and Trumpets in F are dtill notated in the same key as all Instruments nmotated in C.

In general I am quiete Happy having changed from Sibelius to Dorico, but currently in this aspect, Sibelius seems to me much more intuitive when it comes to decide between sounding oder transposed notation.

What have I missed, how can I get a transposed notation for the Input ?

It should be as simple as selecting Edit>Transposed Pitch to show the transposed score, and Edit>Concert Pitch to return to sounding pitch. If this does not work, then you probably setup the instruments incorrectly.

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Sorry I didn’t found that before I asked.
Thank you for your help.

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Actually, I always thought this is in the wrong place - logically it should be under the view menu, but I’m sure the development team had their reasons.


It affects more than just the view. It will determine how it prints out. So, if you want to print a transposed score and you temporarily set it to Concert “View”, it will print as concert if you forget to put it back.

So how does that mean it makes more sense to have the the option located under Edit?

Putting it under View would imply that it only changes what you see on screen with no other consequences.