How can I hear an instrument while playing keyboard?

Maybe an over obvious answer that I am missing, but I would like to select an instrument (not in Write mode though) and hear that instrument’s sound while playing my midi keyboard. How do I do this?

I only know how to do it in Write mode… :slight_smile: (select a note and hit enter twice)

That doesn’t work for me. I really would find it helpful to hear the instrument that I am composing for and I think it was posbile at some point, but now clicking in the staff doesn’t give me any sound when playing on the midi keybaord. And I don’t mean addng music to the score, only hearing that staff’s instrument.

Well, it does work fine for me, so maybe something changed on Mac. You have to click in the staff and activate AND deactivate the caret, e.g. by hitting CR/Enter twice…

There’s an option in the preference dialog called '‘Play notes during note input and selection’. Have you tried this?

What Andre means is “smart MIDI thru”. This works regardless of that preferences setting

Are you sure about that? I get no sound from my midi keyboard at all when this setting is turned off. Seems like you have to restart Dorico for the setting to work, though…

EDIT: Sorry, turned out I had disabled the VST.

still can’t get it to play. I remember also that I before went into inpout mode and then hit the escape key after which I could play that instrument’s sound on my midi keybaord. This makes it very difficult to write music, I need to hear something…

Do you hear anything during playback?
Does your midi keyboard work at all with Dorico? Can you input music?

Aw… I figured it out. The midi cable was half unplugged. :blush: :blush: :blush: Did I mention how much I Love Dorico though! :unamused:

Dorico 2: Is there a way to have the virtual instrument used available for playback by my MIDI keyboard by just single clicking anything in the corresponding stave? It’s a little annoying to double click in the stave then cancel or highlight the note and press enter twice.

No, I’m afraid not at the moment, but it is something that Paul is looking at changing in a future version.

In Play mode, you can single-click on a Player’s label to select its sound to be played from your keyboard. The currently selected player has a little bar beside it (circled here).

Screenshot 5.png