How can I hide all lanes in folder tracks ?

Hi all,

imagine to have 9 drum tracks in a folder track for group editing (this is my real situation). Each track has 3 takes and you want to do a little comping to copy best fills and so on, and you have to do this with active “show lanes” in the inspector.
I found that if you select show lanes for a track and than you select the range selection tool and click a clip (but also a blank space) all tracks in the folder will show lanes.
But now, after comping, you want to hide all lanes for all tracks at once. How can you do this?
At the moment I’m selecting each single track and deactivating “show lanes”.

I need suggetions. Thanks in advance.

Set up a KC for Lane Display Type and then select the first desired track then Shift select the last and hit the KC. A macro could also be set up.

Here is my mistake. Yesterday, before asking for suggestions, I tried to search the words “lane” and “hide” in the key commands page without success. Today I discovered that the command “show lanes” also hides lanes. It will be better to remane the command “show / hide lanes” such as “snap on / off” command.

Thanks mashedmitten, you brought me back on the right path.

You can create presets in the “Project Logical Editor” to hide / show all lanes

I used one of the example presets as a model for this (called “toggle lanes active” filed under “tracks”)

if container type = track then
set lanes active = disable (or enable)

Create the 2 presets, then bind a couple of keys to them.
/FD :slight_smile:

You can create presets in the “Project Logical Editor” to hide / show all lanes

Another solution.

Thanks FD