How can I lock a layout

I have a layout that has several text frames and music frames alternating, also with several system breaks in it etc…
It looks ok so far, but now I have to change a few little things like staccato dots etc .
When I do that the layout flips wildly around … when I try to lock a frame, it does the same. How can I fix the layout and force Dorico to put in the small changes into the existing order instead of making a new one?


Put a Frame Break at the start of each Frame, then set each Frame break (you can use Select More to grab the lot) to Wait for Next Frame Break in the properties panel.

If it’s systems that are jumping around, rinse and repeat the process with System Breaks set to wait for next System Break (but don’t replace the Frame Breaks; just set them to Wait for next System Break as well as Wait for next Frame Break).

The difficulty with Lock Frames is that it overwrites the properties of existing System Breaks and Frame Breaks.

Define “flips wildly”.?

In my experience, Dorico’s layouts are very stable. But if you’re adding stuff that does affect the layout, then things will respace with good cause.

I wouldn’t expect staccato dots to affect the horizontal spacing. But if you’re seeing something weird, then we need to see a sample document of screenshots at least.

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In vertically tight situations it doesn’t take much to tip a system onto another page. I’m working an A4 score for a violin and piano piece just now where Dorico would often rather have three systems than four per side, despite my Vertical Spacing settings.

I think my point is that it’s not necessarily something weird that the OP’s seeing.

Define “flips wildly”.?

It puts 6 bars somewhere into another frame wich is much too full than while the other Fram ehas just 3 very big bars left f.e…, so the text ><music frame order is totally wrong .
I would like to switch of this automatically behavior. Is that possible?

You can’t “switch off” the behaviour.
You can influence it by setting more appropriate settings in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing, but by the sounds of things you’re too far through the process for that to be a good idea; it’s something you need to do before you start placing text frames in the middle of flows.

If you’ve already used System Breaks or Frame Breaks (or used the Make Into System or Make Into Frame buttons), you need to do the “locking” manually. I’ve explained that process above.

you need to do the “locking” manually… I’ve explained that process above.

Yes thank you …but thats a real mess.

It would be really helpful to have a “lock content” function for frames, so that they are a bit more flexible to be handled manually. And a function to move them from page to page…

Tanx for helping

There’s a copy frames to selected page function, if you right click on a page in the top right corner of Engrave mode. There’s also functionality in that same menu to swap pages (or page overrides) backwards or forwards.

I maintain, though, that Text Frames somewhere in the middle of a Flow are generally the wrong tool. The first paragraph of the manual entry on Text Frames makes it quite clear that Text Frames are linked to the page, not to a rhythmic position.

Hm, maybe for Dorico , but not for the need of a composition.
I checked out with the shift x method as well, but also that leads to many problems. May be Dorico is not prepared for a useful mixture of this, and its ok, but I really thought it is, because it offers the two (and graphic as well) functions.
Maybe its much easier to to the text files in word or pages and the music in Dorico or Sibelius and the combining it… but also that way leads to working with Frames. And lots of compositions of mine have to combine these different styles…

anyway I´ll add the dots by hand after printing…

thank you

If you show us an example of the effect you are trying to create, perhaps we can suggest the best way to achieve it.?

This is exactly why I requested some time ago to allow text frames to chain with music frames.

You’re in good company. Some of us have been complaining about it since before Flow Headings were a thing (see How do I remove a page in the middle of a score? for instance).

It’s clearly not an easy thing to “fix”.

Thanx for your kind offer, but unfortunately I had to send it for a rehearsal tomorrow to the musicians .
But really thank you

If you write a lot of music with this mixing of music and text frames, show the example anyway and the users here kindly offering to help you might give you some tips so that for your next piece, you can start from the beginning with some different ideas/methods.