How can I loop an audio clip throughout a whole song?

Hey guys,
I’ve looped an audio clip but I want that to play throughout the whole of a song on a separate audio track. So basically instead of it just playing over and over again using the loop function, the clip needs to be duplicated in time until the end of the song! Sorry if it doesn’t make that much sense, I’m not too sure how to explain it :confused:
Thanks a lot,
Katie :mrgreen:

Now if we only knew which software youre using…!?
What youre lokking for is called “Independent track loop”, but I think only Cubse full version has it.

Seriously? I have Cubase AI5 :imp:
Do you know of any other software that could do this? I really need it to function :frowning:
Thanks for your help!

Cubase 6 will do the “Independent Track Looping”.

But you could hi lite the track
then press Ctrl + D to copy it out
as far as you want. :wink:


CRTK+d double selcected

CRTL+k than you can say how many copys you want

Cheers Bassbase