How can i Maintain the Groove of a Note ( when moving it ) ?

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How can i Maintain the ( timing relation or ) Groove of a Note, when i move it to another position?

In other DAWs i normally find a modifier Key that will keep the timing of the Note in place when moving the note inside the piano roll.

Asking because this is one of the most important features in making Funky Basslines or Good Drum Grooves

i have tried alt,ctrl,shift and their combinations

Switch the snap type to Relative Grid.

If you are talking about cut-and-paste for a group of notes, there’s copy and paste. That places the new group at the cursor, and you can move the group with the mouse (arrow tool). You can even get the number of MIDI ticks for the first note to match the exact location of the original group, with a little patience. That would preserve playing ahead of the beat, for instance.

But your real question is probably: “How can I move notes vertically (pitch), while maintaining their horizontal placement (timing)?”

One way is to bring up the Transpose Palette, which is on the toolbar of the Key Editor. It has fat arrows, a bit like elevator controls, 4 of them in the group. (If it is hidden, you can conjure it with a right click on an empty part of the toolbar to show a pop-up menu.) Select the note(s) to move, and use the short arrows to move a semi-tone, the long arrows to move an octave.

Perhaps simpler, you can select notes, release mouse, hold down ctrl, drag with mouse. Ctrl will restrict the effects of the drag to either horizontal or vertical. It doesn’t know which until the drag starts, so you must be careful to begin the drag in a vertical direction.

I’m pretty sure he’s asking about how to move a note to another position in time, while the maintaining note’s position relative to the beat, since he did say, “How can i Maintain the ( timing relation or )”

That’s what setting snap type to ‘Relative Grid’ does. If the note is, say, 16 ticks later than the beat, the snap points will also be 16 ticks after the beat.

I did not know that. Interesting. Thanks.

Oh wow, this is the coolest thing!

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Very impressive stuff under Cubase hood