How can I make a part like easier to use?

Todi Shrine_PeterJ.pdf (165.2 KB)

  • In some bars the two notes have their stems in different directions.
    -The title frame seems to be too small, the bottom of the “p” is cut off.
    -Add numbers where bars are exactly the same (Dorico can do this for you) and add bar repeat signs to remove unnecessary distractions. (Page two is a nightmare to look at.)
  • Reduce note spacing and/or overall system size. It’s unnecessary to only have 4 bars in one system (page one) when there is only 1 tone to play per bar.

This should get you on the right track :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s useful. However my main problem is what to do w page 2, is it not possible to have repeats without affecting the main score?

You are right, those bar repeats will affect both. (As it currently stands; many of us hope for improvements in this area.)

But I would argue that having this same rhythm everywhere will also clutter the score. Changing them to bar repeats (even if you do it only for bars 2-3, 5-7 etc.) will add clarity everywhere.

The difficulty is that there are lots of other things happening elsewhere so I can’t do that. It strange that this has not improved as it seems quite essential and very common with an ostinato, baseline or such. one way is of course to make a copy of the flow and adjust that but if there are many players it gets complicated and difficult to update everywhere.

You could duplicate only this one player. Then you would have the current one in the score layout use the new one only for printing the part.
And in a new “Everything” layout you would see both to keep things consistent.

Absolutely, but there are others as well… I’ll try it and see how it goes. Thanks a lot.
While I’m at it I have one more silly thing to ask. Multibar rests sometime divide eight bars into 4+4 or 6+2 and I find that there is an additional hidden 5/4 (q, 3+2) but when I unklick it will add 5/4 in the score unneccesarily and I can’t delete that. Probably something simple that I’m unaware of, do you know what?