How can I make a streaming video with Dorico?

I just spent the whole day trying to link Dorico and OBS and I still can’t make it work. I installed viewmeter and VB audio cable. I can get some sound but it jitters all the time. I try to have the same sample rate everywhere (256 or 512) but the result is still bad.
my configuration: Dorico with NotePerformer. Output of Dorico → Voicemeeter, samle rate: I tried 256 and 512…don’t work. If I try the output in Dorico with Focusrite output 1&2 and 1&2 in put in voicemeter nothing comes out.
I would REALLY appreciate if someone could help me with the configuration.
thanks you!

Hi Frank, could it be something to do with 44.1 kHz (or whatever it is) and 48kHz sampling rates? I understand that video is at 48 whilst audio is at 44, so maybe the mismatch is causing the jitters?

Welcome to the forum by the way. Be sure to post your solution since it sounds like it could be very useful for other members.


Many thanks Rob for your message. I checked that everything was in 44.1kHz but it is still not working well. I hope that a good (expert) soul will post a YouTube video about using Dorico in streaming. There is none to this day! Steinberg please!

Frank, could ASIO have something to do with it? I was fiddling about with Voicemeeter last week but didn’t get very far. Have you seen this video? In French but with sub-titles

please, don’t use VB audio cable it’s always a mess. Go to the REAPER website and download the free vst ReaStream, then follow this video. The video deals with Studio One but it works the same with Dorico. Easy, light and efficient

If you’re on Windows, you can record a screen cast with the xbox Game Bar, is that’s what your goal is

I would say that it won’t work. Xbox game bar uses the WDM driver while Dorico uses an ASIO driver. You shouldn’t have the sound recorded.
That’s why it’s always a problem on a PC. OBS is using also a WDM driver but with Reastream properly set in OBS and on the master OUT of Dorico, it works fine.

It’s always worked for me

So I have to try…

I just screen recorded Dorico for a choir reharsal video using “Windows Key - Alt - R” and it worked fine, including the audio. Popped the resulting recording into Resolve, tweaked the audio output for streaming on YouTube, and Bobs your uncle!

Plus, a benefit of Resolve is that chapter markers can be set which show up in YouTube, which means that singers can easily jump to specific parts for practice.

thank you very much for the advises. I’ll try and let you know!

Well I’m half happy. Xbox Game Bar works fine with Dorico but not with my DAW (Studio One Pro for wich I use Reastream…)

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