How can i make Cubase 10 open the Cpr on Windows?

Hi there,

How can i make Cubase 10 open the Cpr on Windows?

I have Cubase 10 set as the default program for cpr files

Choosing Open With, and pointing to Cubase10.exe in Steinberg folder, still opens Cpr with Cubase 9.5

The cpr icons are blank

There is another thread in the C10 area about this same issue you should search for.

thank you Raino

None of those solved it for me though

I’m not sure what the other thread mentioned but, temporarily rename the CB9.5 exe file to something else and see what happens.

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It says Preparing to Install Cubase 9.5

Thank you though

So it will add a new Cubase 9.5 exe and open the cpr with newly installed Cubase lol

Then it is running the install program? That’s truly bizarre.

Take renaming to the next level and rename the installation program so it can’t run either. You should be able to use Task Manager to see what starts up when you try to open a .cpr file.

At this point I’d run a virus scan too.